Author: Anthony Cammalleri

Arts & Entertainment

Young artist paints his future bright

The animated, expressive eyes of world-renowned models such as Georgia Palmer and Kate Moss, frozen still with oil paint, stare back at art enthusiasts as they walk through the “Look” gallery at the Marblehead Arts Association on Hooper Street. The maestro responsible for these lifelike, personal, and alluring portraits is not a veteran painter with […]

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Past & Present

Pam Peterson peels back the myths of Marblehead

From fables of pirates and haunted shores to soothsayers and witches, Historical Commission member and former Marblehead Historical Society Executive Director Pam Peterson knows her town’s past — real and fictional — inside and out. Long before she wrote “Marblehead Myths, Legends and Lore,” a tapestry of historical and mythological stories, Peterson kicked off her […]

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