Author: Emily Pauls

People & Places

Jacie Broughton of MHD Auto School

Jacie Broughton, the owner of Marblehead Auto School, has been teaching the town’s teens how to drive for the past 16 years. “I love this. I wouldn’t want to do anything else,” Broughton said. Teaching teens how to drive is an important job, she said. “You drive forever, and it’s the most dangerous thing you’ll […]

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Arts & Entertainment

Therapy by the pot-full

Today we’re going back to 1904, when mental health treatment looked vastly different from how it does today. According to research done by the University of Toledo, mental health treatment was “nearly non-existent” at that time. But if you lived in Marblehead at that time, you could treat mental illness with pottery thanks to Herbert […]

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